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1- Are included : • insurance for passengers
• Fuel, tolls and parking 2-Not included : • The insurance for the loss or forgotten objects or luggage in vehicles. 3- Overtime ( Rent me) When provisions, overtime in addition to 4 packages and 8 hours are :
• Hours sup 21: 00 - 7: 00 in the morning: 10 euro // 1500 DZD per hour
• hours sup 7 h - 21 h: 5 euro / / 500 DZD per hour-4 hour waiting . 4- Waiting hours • while waiting more than 30 minutes, (delay of the customer or the flight) no charge.Your chauffeur awaits 1 hour maximum if your plane has landed on time . 5- Regulations • Payment that has your arrival .
• Cash directly to the driver at the domestic of the car before each transfer. 6- Reservations • The control is permanently posted on presentation of an imprint of your airfare - (06-character booking reference) mandatory, or an agreement by the Directorate, including the receipt of a copy of complete confirmation on our part. 7- Refuses • it happens that we are forced to refuse a transfer of certain passengers when the hours requested by the passenger have already taken by other customers 7 - Direction 8- the direction • In case of work overload, Taxi Algiers reserves the right to send a comfortable tourist vehicle, based on the number of luggage and people to carry. In this case the customer receives a confirmation e-mail i knew the name, image and brand of vehicle.
• overload of work, Taxi Algiers reserves the right to send a tourist vehicle comfortable, depending on the number of luggage and people to be transported. In this case the customer receives an email confirmation including the name, photo and the make of vehicle. 9- Cancellation fees (free) • Of course, if you have an impediment, you have cancellation policies
• More than 24 h no fees / / less than 12 h note the client no longer access a reservation
• in case of dispute, the tribunal de commerce of Algiers is the sole jurisdiction.


Are the prices per car or per person?

Prices are always per vehicle (not per person). The number of passengers is 04 people extreme. The price you see is the price you pay for your driver before each transfer. Your driver will be aware of the predetermined price

How should I pay for my transfer?

Payment is made in cash (euro) or (Dinars) to the driver inside the taxi or minibus before each transfer. If you have booked a round trip transfer, you pay the driver separately for each trip. You do not need to pay the total price at the time.

If I need to transfer in the next 24 hours, can I book online?

You can book a transfer online, but we can not guarantee your transfer, unless you have received a confirmation email from complete our staff. If you need a transfer in the next 24 hours, we might not be able to confirm this by email. We cannot confirm bookings outside office hours.

Should I share the vehicle with others who are not in my party?

No, when you book us, regardless of whether it was a single vehicle or taxi, it will be exclusively for your trip we only provide private transfers.

Where can I find my driver Taxi?

Usually the meeting point is inside the arrivals hall at the airport in Algiers. Your transport driver will be assigned to a sign with your name of main passenger printed in big letters.

All the other points of encounter in specific locations (hotels, villas etc) can be specified on the online booking form.

Will the driver stop during transfer?

No, all transfers are direct, your Taxi Algiers driver stops only in case of emergency

Are all Taxi Algiers vehicles licensed and insured?

All vehicles provided are fully licensed by the local authority Algerian and bear a (public service transport licence).

All rates are all inclusive or will I be asked for extra money by my driver?

All transfer rates are all pre-arranged with you and the driver under contract and are fully inclusive so no haggling with the taxi Algiers driver and no bad surprises when you reach your destination.

Can I order a baby seat?

You can order the seats on the online booking form. It has no extra charge. You can also bring your own seat

what i do if my flight is delayed??

All flights are monitored continuously so that your driver either at the Algiers airport at the time of your arrival. Therefore, if your flight is delayed, it is not necessary to worry about paying expensive waiting time because we will be aware of any delay. Your driver will wait for you until up to one hour from the time of your arrival .

What shall I do to book a place that is not located on the bar of the destinations?

If our system is unable to find your itinerary in our database, we invite you to contact us by mail.

Your request will be processed shortly and the results will be sent by e-mail.

Thank you for your visit.